Welcome to OOPS! Studio! This site was created with the intention of being a collection of my work. Here you can find information about me and what I do, as well as see some of my projects. Feel free to take a look around!

About OOPS! Studio!

OOPS! Studio! is an independent developer with over 5 years of programming experience, whose skills range from web design to game design to software design, and everything in between. Whether it be laying out the frontend of a web application, designing a game from the ground up, creating interactive user interfaces, writing game servers, creating social networks and databases, or designing easy-to-use software, OOPS! Studio! has it covered.

You can read more about OOPS! Studio! on the About page

But what have you created?

I have created many types of web applications. Since I began programming in 2015 I have made over 20 small games, 3 software programs, several development frameworks, 10+ small webpages, and even 2 multiplayer online games. Aside from programming, I have also created many game concepts and written up Game Design Documents for games that I hope to create in the future. I usually work solo, but I also have experience working with small teams.

You can see some of my past projects and accomplishments on the My Work page

About OOPS! Studio!

I am a hobbyist computer programmer and game designer. I enjoy making small projects of many kinds, including small games, small websites, small data networks and databases, small servers, small software programs, etc, etc. I also really enjoy teaching others to code. I have 5 years of experience programming, and I've made over 20 small games, 3 software programs, several development frameworks, 10+ small webpages, and even 2 multiplayer online games.

What programming languages do you know?

I am very experienced with most web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, PHP, and MySQL. I also have minor experience with more machine-oriented languages such as Java, Python, and C++. I am also very familiar with the Electron.js framework which allows me to take my web development capabilities into desktop applications. I have made a file managing software using Electron.js + Node.js which can be downloaded and run on any Windows 10 machine.

My work

Here you can find some of my projects and some additional information about them. You can click on a project's title to run it live in your browser, and you can click on a project's thumbnail to see a gallery of images and video of it. I hope you enjoy having a look around!

Twins - Remastered

Twins - Remastered is an endless runner game with a unique twist: You control two characters at the same time, in opposing demensions, and you have to keep them from touching each other.

I created Twins - Remastered as a sequel to the first game I ever made, Twins. It was intended to be a testament to how far I've come and to how much my past has affected my future. It took me about 2 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Twins - Remastered Obstacle Creator

Twins - Remastered Obstacle Creator is a small software program that I created which can be used to create obstacles for my game, Twins - Remastered. I also created a page that explains how to use the software in great detail, and tells you everything you need to know to get started modding the game yourself.

I created Twins - Remastered Obstacle Creator mostly just to test my own skills as a software devloper. It started out as something I was creating for myself to help me develop the game, but I decided to take it all the way just for the sake of it.


Eburnean is a top-down boss rush shooter game where your goal is to defeat 6 challenging bosses while taking as little damage as you can. Eburnean features 6 unique characters, 6 unique bosses, and 2 different game modes.

This game is heavily based on the game Eburnean by Lucas Delvallet. I highly recommend that you check him out! He's a big inspiration of mine.

Rat-a-tat Cat Online

Rat-a-tat Cat Online is a card game where 2-6 players compete for the lowest score by swapping out cards in their hands with cards that they believe will reduce their score. Gameplay continues until a player calls Rat-a-tat Cat, then each player gets one last turn and the game ends.

This game is a recreation of the game Rat-a-tat Cat by Gamewright. I never actually finished creating my verson of the game, and mostly just worked on it as practice for creating online multiplayer games. However, it is still fully playable from start to finish, I just never got around to adding all the peripheral elements and things.